spreading joy with flowers

Spring)and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves

-e.e cummings

meet alessia

I grew up in nature. In luscious, mature, South African gardens. I helped my gran plant pansies in her garden and picked my mom's garden roses. I went with my dad to collect flowers from my mom's favourite florist and admired the garage full of cut flowers. I said I wanted to be a journalist-florist-software engineer.

And although software engineering wasn't for me (I did try for a while) literature and flowers are my two great loves.

Growing up, my mom always had flowers in the house (makes me think of Monet- always, always and always), and since moving out and getting married myself I've always kept flowers in the house, too.

I've lived in many countries around the world, and with all the changes and transitions, flowers have always been a constant.

Flowers are so a part of who I am and who I have always been that I didn't realise how much I took them for granted.​

And so, after devoting many years to literature, floristry re-presented itself in a strange, sudden, serendipitous way and I slipped into it as though it was the most natural and fitting and right thing in the world.

​With my arrangements, I hope to bring a bit of colour and joy, and maybe some hints of the places I've been, too.